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delivering innovating and stimulating training solutions...

At JSH Learning we fully realise that a teacher's time, and a school's budget, is precious. In the current austere times it is perhaps more important than ever that schools can source and rely on cost-effective, reliable training partners that will deliver innovative and stimulating courses that will lead to or support sustainable positive changes in teaching practice.


Founded and run by a former teacher, all of our courses will only ever be delivered by teachers or former teachers who are experts in their field.


We believe quality matters and the small details are important. Be it in the superior training venues we use across the United Kingdom; or our superb course material and resources, the design of which is overseen by an award-winning learning expert.


Here at JSH Learning we look at the training world slightly differently to other providers. We want to help empower our delegates to sustain positive changes in their practice and become their school or department’s in-house ‘expert’ having attended one of our courses. This means after the course, if you want to phone or email a question to a trainer; or send through a resource you’ve created for your trainer’s feedback; this is actively encouraged. We are passionate about on-going professional development for teachers and working in partnership to help raise standards.

Thank you for your time,


JSH Learning

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