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Mobile Learning Bootcamp [Code: 1DMLBC]


One of the great advantages of e-learning often quoted is how quick and easy it is to amend and update resources. This is true, but only if you can actually amend the resources for your pupils. You'll know how each of your students has their own unique needs. How often have you found a great piece of software but wanted to tweak the text or an image slightly, and then you've been frustrated at not being able to do so?


This course will support you in delivering quality mobile learning interventions for your pupils by putting you, the teacher (or assistant), firmly in charge of the resource creation (and amendment as needed).


During the course you learn how to create high quality interactive worksheets which will work equally well on Android, iPhone and iPad devices. As part of the course you will also be given a set of dozens of templates to aid in creating your own mobile learning resources for your pupils. The interactive resources you are shown how to create will also work equally well on desktop and laptop computers.


What the attendee will be able to do at the end of the course:

  • Create for themselves quality interactive worksheets compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets (and that will work on desktop and laptop computers)


How the course benefits an attendee's school:

  • By empowering staff to create their own resources for use with mobile devices it reduces the need to purchase expensive third party curriculum software (often with annual renewal fees); it also future-proofs a school against possible future curricula changes - if mobile learning resources are created in-school by staff, they are more easily and rapidly amended




1 day, 9am-3:30pm

Lunch provided

Multiple bookings from the same school on the same course? Discounts available:
1 attendee: £250+VAT
2-3 attendees: 10% reduction for all attendees (£225+VAT per attendee):
4+ attendees: 20% reduction for all attendees (£200+VAT per attendees) [max. 8 per school]
Course available for in school delivery on request:
Locations and dates

Dec 2015

Manchester, Mon 30 Nov 2015

Edinburgh, Thurs 3 Dec 2015

Birmingham, Mon 7 Dec 2015

York, Thurs 10 Dec 2015

Bristol, Mon 14 Dec 2015

London, Thurs 17 Dec 2015


Jan 2016

Manchester, Thurs 7 Jan 2016

Southampton, Mon 11 Jan 2016

Nottingham, Thurs 14 Jan 2016

Cambridge, Mon 18 Jan 2016

Birmingham, Thurs 21 Jan 2016

London, Tues 26 Jan 2016


February 2016

Edinburgh, Tues 2 Feb 2016

Bristol, Mon 8 Feb 2016

York, Thurs 11 Feb 2016

Manchester, Tues 23 Feb 206


March 2016

Birmingham, Tues 1 Mar 2016

Belfast, Tues 8 Mar 2016

Dublin, Mon 14 Mar 2016





Course: Creating accessible resources [Code: 1DCARR]
Cost: £249.99+VAT
Duration: 1 day, 09:00-15:30 [lunch provided]


In July 2015 the government published statistics showing how 15.4% of pupils in schools in England had identified special educational needs. That's some 1.3 million pupils. Creating accessible resources for pupils is important to...


What the attendee will be able to do at the end of the course:

  • Recall common accessibility issues encountered by pupils when accessing teacher-created digital and print resources

  • Test digital document and presentation resources for common accessibility issues

  • Design and create resources to overcome accessibility issues commonly encountered by pupils with teacher-created digital and print resources and ensure equity of access for all


How the course benefits an attendee's school:

  • The course supports teacher skillset development to design and create accessible resources, which will help ensure pupils with SEN are given access to the curriculum and are motivated and challenged to the same degree as their peers. Attendees on their return can share current best practice, research and innovative ideas with the wider school community to aid in ensuring equity of access for all. It will provide a school with practical support in helping meet its responsibility in providing appropriate special education needs provision as required on a pupil-by-pupil basis   


Location and dates:


Dec 2015

Manchester, Tues 1 Dec 2015

Edinburgh, Fri 4 Dec 2015

Birmingham, Tues 8 Dec 2015

York, Fri 11 Dec 2015

Bristol, Tues 15 Dec 2015

London, Fri 18 Dec 2015


Jan 2016

Manchester, Fri 8 Jan 2016

Southampton, Tues 12 Jan 2016

Nottingham, Fri 15 Jan 2016

Cambridge, Tues 19 Jan 2016

Birmingham, Fri 22 Jan 2016

London, Weds 27 Jan 2016


February 2016

Edinburgh, Weds 3 Feb 2016

Bristol, Tues 9 Feb 2016

York, Fri 12 Feb 2016

Manchester, Weds 24 Feb 2016


March 2016

Birmingham, Weds 2 Mar 2016

Belfast, Weds 9 Mar 2016

Dublin, Tues 15 Mar 2016



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