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Case study 1:
Social media toolkit for educators

The potential for the use of social media is often reported in literature and many educational organisations use microblogging sites, such as Twitter and Tumblr, for pastoral communications, to share links or to encourage collaborative working for their learners.

At JSH we have taken the use of microblogging to the next level for educators.


We have developed a complete science toolkit for educators to use: creating a high school science course for delivery using microblogging tools aimed at smartphone users. This allows educators to bridge the gap between formal and informal learning in a cost-effective manner and target learners who might otherwise be excluded from the learning process.

An image showing: a test-tube containing a brown solution; a wind turbine; a ladybird upside-down on a leaf; the flame on a gas cooker; the Moon; a monkey; a close-up of the human eye; and, a beaker containing a purple solution illuminated from behind.
Case study 2:
Science and mathematics education software

We have overseen the use of science and mathematics software - designed for use with interactive whiteboards and digital projectors; and, within learning management systems - at 1 in 5 English secondary schools; and, distributed around the world: from Portugal to Singapore.

software is popular, engaging and departements who purchased one product, invariably came back for more. As one UK Head of Science put it:


"JSH has been a real help to us in raisng our science grades. The materials are flexible and can be used as teaching aids or revision prompts, starters or plenaries. They represent great value for money."

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