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Accessibility statement
equity of access for all

JSH are firmly committed to ensuring equity of access for all to their website (and all of their learning solutions). We are passionate about accessibility and will always strive to remedy any access issues if, as and when they arrive.

This website allows users to:

  • Change fonts

  • Zoom in up to 300% with the text wrapping to stay on the screen

  • Navigate the website using just a keyboard or speech recognition software

  • Use a screen reader to listen to most of the website

There is use of Plain English throughout the website to make comprehension as simple as possible.

Designing for accessibility

This website follows suggested best-practice accessibility-friendly design to support those with additional learning needs, such as those with dyslexia: text is left aligned, minimum font size of 12, sans serif font used; or. those with colour visual  or visual acuity deficiencies: ensuring there is sufficient contrast between font colour and background.

Annual accessibility audits

This website is audited on an annual basis, any issues raised are acted upon and remedied with two weeks. aXe accessibility testing software is utilised as part of the audit process.

Accessibility issues contact

Should you have accessibility issues with the JSH Learning website, we will strive to remedy them whenever possible. In the first instance you can contact us at:

Workers at Their Computers
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